Saturday, September 27, 2014

My TWO Favorite MUST HAVE Baby Items For The First Year

Are you in a bind when your little one gets congested and the bulb just does not cut it? 

Does your baby suffer from bad gas pains that keep him up all night?

Well, I have a couple of solutions for you!

First-Ladies, throw away those yucky nasal bulbs!

I introduce you all to: The NoseFrida Snotsucker aspirator. This one of a kind nasal aspirator was invented in Sweden by the good doctor himself!

It is 100% hygienic as it features disposable filters and it is super easy to use. It is invasive, gentle, and safe to baby as nothing actually is being stuck up their little noses. 

The NoseFrida Snotsucker works by creating a suction within the nostril once you suck into the red tip of it.
You may think, "Well, that's just gross! What if I suck snot into my mouth?"
Well, I am so glad to tell you that it is not possible! The fact that you are using your mouth to create the suction is far more effective than any other nasal aspirator on the market.

This thing was COOL. I am a bit guilty to admit-it is soooo fun to use! You never know whatcha gonna get! And the little ones feel so much better after a good snotsucking session!

I am an exclusive breastfeeder and when my son was congested, he would barely latch on because when he did, he could not breathe since his nasal cavities were clogged. I thought, "Well, shit! Now what?" That's when I remembered my handy dandy NoseFrida! So, I gave it a whirl. And the results speak from themselves:

I absolutely LOVED the NoseFrida Snotsucker. This thing was a LIFESAVER. I am NOT kidding. Screw the bulbs-throw them all away! They only work half the time-if that-and they are so unsanitary! Nasal bulbs have a bad habit of forming mold on the inside of the bulb because it is so hard to clean and dry there. This risks contamination to your baby with each use! The Snotsucker, however, has disposable filters that are replaced to keep the aspirator completely clean after each use.

My son tolerated the NoseFrida Snotsucker very well! At first he was a bit timid and did not know what to think of it. But, I found that he liked it a LOT more than that ole bulb the hospital had given us. I would totally recommend the Snotsucker to every parent out there/ I would totally even use this product on myself. 

Because, let's face it, runny & stuffy noses are just bound to happen.

I also had the chance to test out a newer product called The Windi. Although, I won't be sharing any personal photos of myself using this product on my son, I can say that WOW! It works like a charm.

This little unqiue tool was created to help relieve gas pains in infant by, well, helping them fart! 

A natural solution for colic, constipation, and other gas-related problems, The Windi works instantly and does not require ingestion of any drops or medication. 

The Windi is a single-use catheter that helps babies get rid of excess gas. Designed to be safe and effective, The Windi cannot harm your baby if used as instructed. Most pediatric professionals are familiar with the method of using a rectal thermometer to relieve gas, colic, and constipation. 

The Windi is designed specifically for this purpose. The soft, pliable, hollow tube features a rounded tip that is long enough to reach past the muscle that prevents the release of the gas, and also has a stopper to prevent an insertion too far.

When using The Windi, I first rub my son's belly for a few minutes when he is feeling gassy. Then I place a little oil on the end of the tip (please be kind to your child and don't skip this step!) and then I insert The Windi into yup, you guessed it, the rectum. And then, you tilt your baby's legs up and the wind or gas comes out! It sounds like a blowing noise-it's pretty funny but great at the same time because I always notice a 100% immediate relief in my son. I definitely would have to say that this product is a MUST have for any parent!

To learn more about FridaBaby or to view their product line, visit their:

Disclaimer: I was given FridaBaby products to test at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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