Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Glitter Pumpkin Tutorial

I was looking through Pinterest the other day trying to find some DIY ideas to decorate for the fall. I came across this adorable Glitter Pumpkin Tutorial created by Emily, owner of the blog  Yesterdays Sweetheart and Fine Life Co.

I LOVE glitter! So I was so thrilled to share this tutorial for fall to turn any ole pumpkin into glitz and glamour for your doorstep (or inside your home!)


According to Emily, all you need to make these is:
For the dots:
  1. Dip the pouncer in some mod podge
  2. Blot excess on newspaper
  3. Samp 2-3 circles at a time on pumpkin- glittering each one and working your way around.

For the stripes: 
  1. Brush on mod podge on every other node, glitter as you work around.
  2. Clean brush and brush off any extra loose glitter around pumpkin, seal and you're done!

Images & Tutorial by Yesterdays Sweetheart

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