Sunday, September 14, 2014

DIY One Step Leg Warmers for Fall

Cold weather is just around the corner! I love all things winter-including winter fashion & style. Leg warmers are great for the gym whether you are running, dancing, doing your morning yoga, or just lounding around the house sipping your morning cup of coffee, but they are also cute to wear with winter boots as well.

All you need to make these leg warmers?

An old (or new) sweater and a pair of scissors!

If you want tight leg warmers, choose a sweater with tighter sleeves. If you want your leg warmers a bit on the loose side, choose a sweater with wider sleeves.

Next, all you have to do is cut both arms of the sweater off by holding both sleeves out straight directly on the hem line beneath the armpit.

Like this!

This should be your result!

You may trim up the top if you'd like or just fold in the edges like I did!

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