Friday, September 5, 2014

Tone & Tighten in Ten Days: Before & Afters

Yesterday marked my 7th month of my postpartum period. WOW. My son is seven months old! So hard to type-and even more hard to believe. 

Throughout my pregnancy, I stayed in tremendouse shape. I was at the gym 5 days per week for at least one hour and ate 80% healthily on top of that. 

Upon giving birth, I was amazed at how my body snapped back into shape. I dropped the baby weight (30lbs) within a week or so! However, I was left with a very different body. 

I knew I had lots of work to do, still, but it wasn't until I took my son to the beach that I realized what exactly I needed to work on. My husband snapped pictures of my son and I and went I came home and looked at them, it was a real eye opener. Sure, I was almost 6 months postpartum at the time so I did not fret. It just made me rethink my goals and what I really needed to work on first and foremost.

My biggest problem area is and has always been my: butt, hips, and thighs. I am still breastfeeding so the hormone tend to LOVE to wanna store those extra fat cells in those particular areas. I had cellulite-and I still do (no biggie), but I wanted to build muscle to help tone things up a bit. And instead of focusing on just my problem areas, I wanted to focus on my TOTAL body.

I created a Tone & Tighten in Ten Days workout in the past and I had so much success with it pre-pregnancy that I decided to give it a try at this point. I did the following exercises for ten days, twice daily:

But, instead of doing it once, I did ten days then took ten days off, then did 10 days again. So, I actually did it twice-combined with eating healthy and constantly running around after and carrying a baby.

The results? 

I will let you see for yourself.



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