Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dear Mama Whose Baby Won't Sleep

Dear Mama Whose Baby Won't Sleep,

You are tired and overwhelmed, your hair is a mess, you are still wearing yesterday's sweatpants, and you thrive off of coffee.

You are not alone. 

Your house is a complete mess because you have to tend to your baby's needs for what seems like every 5 minutes.

You are not alone.

You are still struggling to lose the baby weight that won't seem to budge or still struggling to adapt to your new, postpartum body and are feeling far from sexy.

You are not alone.

You do not believe in "crying-it-out" so every hour when your baby is up, you are up, too.

You are not alone.

Your baby wakes up 6 times a night to feed and you start feeling as if you are just a milking cow.

You are not alone.

You feel that you have failed at motherhood as your tears fall down your face and wonder if this is normal.

You are not alone. 

You are frustrated and on the edge of giving up hope and don't feel like trying anymore.

You are not alone.

Mama, you will never regret feeling tired, having messy hair, wearing yesterday's clothing, or having an extra cup of coffee each day because you put all of your effort into raising and perfecting this little human being.

Mama, you will never regret a having a dirty or messy and unorganized home for a few days or even weeks because you chose to put your child's needs first.

Mama, you will never regret being a few pounds heavier than you'd like or your newly widened hips & marks because, in exchange for your pre-baby body, you gained a miracle that will remind you each and every day why you traded it all.

Mama, you will never regret getting up for your child in the middle of the night and running to your child's cries; even at every hour since you decided to not let him cry himself to sleep because you know that you tried.

Mama, you will never regret feeding your child throughout the night or feeling like you are just there to provide milk because you will see him grow big and strong.

Mama, you will never regret feeling as if you have failed nor the tears you have cried because everytime you look at your baby, it will be a reassurance that you did a good job.

Mama, you will never regret feeling frustrated or hopeless because everytime your baby giggles and coos, you will know that he loves you no matter how you feel.

Becoming a mother is the most difficult, rewarding, awesome, scary, and trying time of your whole entire life. The best advice that I can give you is to have no regrets, just lessons learned.

You will never have this moment in time again because, by tomorrow, today has come and passed.
Cherish every moment.

Remember, you are not alone. 

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