Tuesday, September 2, 2014

25 Instant Ways to Improve Your Relationship Now

Relationships can be hard. Really, really hard. Finding the best person for you is only half the work, though! During your relationship, you've got to keep things fresh, find time for each other, and deal with ups and downs in the best ways possible. 

As my husband and I near our second anniversary of our wonderful marriage, I look back on some tips that have truly helped to keep things pretty amazing.


Here are 25 instant ways to improve your relationship now:
  1. Be you.
  2. Listen.
  3. Love yourself.
  4. Pick your battles.
  5. Have your own life.
  6. Forgive.
  7. Keep no secrets.
  8. Never talk bad about your partner.
  9. Go for a walk.
  10. Have your alone time, too.
  11. Pray together and separately.
  12. Cuddle.
  13. Never stop dating each other.
  14. Have a picnic.
  15. Compliment randomly.
  16. Get off of Facebook, your phone, your computer, or the Xbox for one day.
  17. Create a hobby to share-together.
  18. Cook together.
  19. Have sex!
  20. Take an interest in your partners interests.
  21. Be thankful.
  22. Live in the present. Past is past.
  23. Smile.
  24. Be a helpmate.
  25. Never stop communicating.

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