Sunday, December 15, 2013

Adora Calcium Supplement + GIVEAWAY

Hi ladies, today I am excited to bring you a review of Adora Calcium Supplement. Adora has been around for over 133 years! Their chocolate

As you might know, pregnant women need calcium two times more than the average person. You need extra calcium for your baby's growing bones AND for your bones since baby takes all of your calcium supply to support his/her growth.

 However, being a woman also puts us at risk for osteoporosis so calcium is great for any of us in general! (Men, these can be for you, too!)
Here's why calcium is so important.

Adora Calcium Supplement is different than most calcium supplements out there. Wanna know why?
Yes. You heard me. Not nasty chocolate, but milk and dark chocolate.

Upon receiving both flavors, I opened the bags and told my husband to try them out with me. We expected a vitamin/mineral type taste, but it honestly tasted exactly like a Hershey's chocolate kiss. Each chocolate comes individually wrapped and is in the shape of a circular disc.

I would not have guessed that it had 500mg of Calcium plus 250 IU of Vitamin D (not to mention the added 40mg of Magnesium). Each chocolate disc contains around 30 calories, so don't eat all of them at once! However, they are made with the finest ingredients. These calories are worth it though. And, that's not all-you can even bake with them!
Check out the nutritional info.

You may also take one disc up to three times daily. 
What a fun way to get your daily calcium in :) Don't know your daily requirements? Check out this chart.
You can also check out some other ways to get your calcium.

I am happy to team up with Adora to host a giveaway for a bag of these chocolates just for you! To enter the giveaway, simply follow the directions below on the Rafflecopter to increase your entries.

To learn more about Adora Calcium Supplements, visit:

Disclaimer: I was given an Adora Calcium Supplement to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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