Sunday, December 29, 2013

Timing Your Snacks

Snacking is key to weightloss. Not only has it helped me lose 50lbs, but it keeps me from getting HANGRY (hungry/angry). Even during pregnancy, I snack almost every 2 hours to keep me full and happy. If you cant remember when to snack, try planning the night before and putting your snacks and meals into little baggies to pack with you or to stash in the fridge.


Think of your body as a fireplace. It constantly needs wood to burn, right?
Your body is no different. It NEED calories constantly to keep running. A healthy metabolism is a fast metabolism. Keep it working overtime. Do not let yourself slip into a starvation mode by not eating enough.

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  1. I read this book "Don't lose your mind, lose your weight" years ago and it really helped me a lot!The author, too believed that snacking, (HEALTHY snacking) was a key to weight loss!
    Loved this post!

    Happy holidays!



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