Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hi, I am Sia. Nice to Meet You All!

Good evening ladies,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for following and keeping up with the blog. I appreciate your time and your emails! I am so delightful to be able to have the chance to share my fit pregnancy with you all. While I share a TON of information that is helpful and useful, I realized that I have not really been personal with you guys as I should be. I hope to be able to share more about myself and help you get to know me! So, I decided to write this post for that very reason! :)

Here is a little about me.

To start off, my name is Sia. 
I am 24 years old. I am married to an Air Force Staff Sergeant named Grady who is the air I breathe! We are expecting our first child, a son, Greyson, on February 3rd. I am a nurse and fitness guru for a living. I also own my own photography business, but I hardly ever have time to run it though I still do shoots here and there when I do get free! I lost 45lbs 3 years ago after watch a documentary that changed my life and the way I viewed food and have been happier & healthier ever since. I am contemplating opening my own online boutique but cant quite decide if I want it to be a maternity or children's store. This is my goal for 2014, by the way. Along with reigniting my photography business. My favorite food has got to be pasta or pizza-I love Italian! My pregnancy has also made me crave cheese more than anything.  I try to limit those foods though. Instead, I like to recreate those "naughty" meals into a healthier version. 

Some exciting big news I would like to share is that I have been chosen to become a Mom Blogger for the popular site Skinny Mom
My blogging has really taken off and I am so thankful for it. It is truly a blessing! I used to run a popular blog called One Fit Chick. I deleted it upon going through my divorce (hard to believe I was married once before Grady walked into my life). It was a difficult time but I made the smart decision to leave a very abusive marriage.  God is great and He puts obstacles and issues in our lives to make us stronger. He raised me from my lowest point and gave me TWICE the amazingness back. I am so happy with my husband and unborn child, I could cry.

I am also still working on my new Pregnancy Diet & Fitness eBook which will be out in a few months on Amazon. In my new book, I share with you a diet & fitness plan specifically for a perfect pregnancy to help you stay fit and to keep you from gaining excess pounds. I will announce the publishing once it is finished!

Hope that you learned a bit about me today. I promise to share and open up more about myself. Being burned and hurt has kept me from being able to open up and write as I should!

Stay tuned :)


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