Saturday, December 7, 2013

Affitnity One Shoulder Sports Bra Review

Good evening, ladies!

I have teamed up with Affitnity to bring you guys an adorable product review! Affitnity was created by Zeudy Mars ( isn't she gorgeous!) who is the CEO & lead designer. I admire her work and I hope to someday own my own active wear business catering to pregnant women .
She is such an inspiration!

 Their motto is "work out like a warrior, look like a goddess" and sure enough, that motto holds true. Not only is their line of fitness apparel durable, it leaves you feeling sexy at the gym. Affinity apparel is a favorite among fitness models and has been featured on the cover of Fitness magazine & Iron Man magazine! The line includes sports bras, sports tanks, fitness gloves (I actually could use a pair of these now!), fitness leggings, fitness shorts, and a cute barbell dumbell necklace with a motivational saying "Stronger Than Yesterday."

All of Affitnity's fabric is:
  • Fully breathable
  • Moisture wicked
  • Retains shape
  • Dries quickly
  • Color fast
  • Moves with your body
  • Shrink & fade resistant
  • Stretches 5 times in length with full recovery!

I had the chance to review Affitnity's One Shoulder Sports Bra! I am pretty positive that most of you have probably seen this sports bra floating across the internet, but have wondered "WHO MAKES THAT!" or "Where can I get one!?" Well, now you know!

To fully review this bra, I went to the gym and decided to put it to the test! I will be 32 weeks pregnant on Monday and I felt absolutely SEXY in this! I actually recommend any pregnant gal wearing one to the gym because I know how we can feel on some days; big, heavy, and bloated! So, this was definitely a little pick me up. I actually told my husband that I did not want to put my shirt back on! Ha!

This bra seemed to be fully functional and very comfortable. At first, I couldn't get my mind around the one-shouldered idea. It actually took me a second to figure out how to put it on because I have never worn something like this before. Now, its absolutely easy! Moving in this bra was very practical and I could feel the fabric moving with my body. It felt like it was made for me.

During my workout, I got lots of compliments on the top! Women wanted to know where they could find it. Men simply stared (not sure if it was at the bra or the belly!).

I was a little afraid at first that I would pop out of it since I am a little busty; especially due to pregnancy, but it stayed right where I put it! It did not move except for with my body.

I also need to mention that the support level of this bra was higher than you would expect! It really held things in as I ran on the treadmill.

My conclusion to this Affitnity One Shouldered Sports Bra?
Simply awesome. Regardless if you are expecting or not, this is one that every girl needs in her wardrobe! 

To learn more about Affitnity or to snatch your bra now, visit:

Disclaimer: I was given a Affitnity One Shouldered Sports Bra to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

Just a few more photos to prove how well this works! (and how sexy it looks like working)


  1. Yeah I agree! The bra looks great and it has wonderful features. Anyway, shouldn't you be resting or something and not do anything strenuous? The bump's already quite big and I assume that you are well into the 2nd phase of pregnancy.

  2. I'm 32 weeks pregnant here, still running and lifting . Will continue till birth :)


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