Friday, December 13, 2013

Almost Time..

It's right around the corner! I have been nesting away: prepping the cloth diapers, putting the finishing touches on his nursery, and making sure he has everything he needs before his big arrival.
Most of all, I am working on a Postpartum Diet & Fitness plan to drop the weight I've gained.
At almost 33 weeks, I am right about 13.5lbs-14lbs of weight gain and am slowly climbing as he puts on more fat to sustain the out of the womb temps.

I am planning on doing Jamie Eason's LiveFit program because I am a big fan of it-mixed with CrossFit, mixed with my OWN plan. Every body is totally different and one plan may or may not work for everyone. Therefore, I always create my own.

I have been preparing freezer meals for the last month! I make one a week and I have around 6 now; making two more today: chili & DIY smoothie packs for breakfast after baby.

Some of you had asked if I will be sharing a postpartum photo after I give birth-of course!
I am giving myself 3-6 months to bounce back to where I was. I realize it may take a while because I am planning on breastfeeding and that's ok!

I cannot wait to share my weightloss, motherhood, birth, & transformation stories with you all!

Who knows, maybe I will even be able to get my infamous 6 pack back :)

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