Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Scentsy Holiday Review

Good evening, ladies!
Today, I am reviewing Scentsy
For someone who loves various scents and candles, I am honestly surprised that I had not tried Scentsy sooner. After all, I have heard about it for years.
So I hooked up with a longtime friend of mine and Scentsy Consultant, Allison McKenzie, to see what the buzz is all about!

I had the chance to review the Whoot Scentsy warmer and the popular holiday scent Frosted Ginger Cookie! The owl warmer is simply the cutest, even my husband loves it! One thing that I love about this warmer is the fact that the owl and its eyes glow at night, giving off a very cool effect.

The Frosted Ginger Cookie Scentsy bar is TO DIE FOR! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Unlike most candles, this actually smells like a candle is baking inside your oven. After plugging in the warmer and popping a wax cube in the heating tray, the scent hit us immediately. The scent was so strong for such a small cube of wax. I know immediately that this was not your average "candle."  One cube of wax lasted me several days; a little over a week actually. I also love that there is no wick to burn so it does not emit any smoke pollution into the environment.

Beware, they are imitations of Scentsy out there-Better Homes has a version that includes a warmer and wax cubes for half the price at Walmart. I have tried these before and you get what you pay for-cheap quality, short acting wax & scent, and hideous warmers.

For those who think Scentsy is too expensive, check out the savings below! It is definitely worth it.

Here are a few key notes about Scentsy:

*Scentsy is made with paraffin wax (yes, the food grade wax found on apples) and simply uses fragrance oils to scent the wax in a highly concentrated way.  This allows our wax's smell to last longer while being warmed, compared to other brands that use chemicals to scent their wax.  This means, when you warm Scentsy, you are not breathing harsh chemicals; not to mention the lack of soot, smoke and the hazard of fires that traditional candles have. 

*Scentsy wax is made specifically to melt using our low wattage light bulbs.  The wax melts at just above body temperature, meaning if the wax is accidentally spilled on a child or pet, they will not get burned!  Other brands of wax usually need a higher wattage to melt, meaning their wax gets hotter (releasing the fragrance faster), and resulting in burns if spilled onto skin.

*Our low wattage light bulbs are safe to leave on - even when you leave the house or over night.  It is compared to leaving on a small table lamp or a night light if you are using a Scentsy plug in.  They also double as a night light when needed!

*Scentsy warmers have a LIFETIME guarantee!  Store bought brands do not.  Scentsy guarantees that if anything happens to your warmer (not including if the warmer is dropped or shatters by human accident), they will replace the warmer free of charge.  This includes instances such as faulty electricity cords, not heating up properly, etc.  Our light bulbs can be purchased for just $1.  However, USING ANOTHER BRAND OF WAX OR LIGHT BULB IN A SCENTSY WARMER WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.  The reason is simple...because other waxes stain and even crack the warmer dishes.  Other brands of light bulbs get too hot, causing Scentsy wax to burn.

*When you purchase Scentsy, you are purchasing from an actual small business owner.  Yes, we are consultants of one of the top Direct Sales Companies in the WORLD.  However, we are "Independent Consultants", meaning we actually signed a business agreement, "owning" our own Scentsy business.  This is extremely important to remember - this not only means you are helping support a family, but you are also building a relationship with your Scentsy consultant.  You will get one-on-one customer service when you need to place an order, when you have a question about your product, when you need suggestions on scents or a warmer to buy, or when you want to host a party to earn FREE and HALF OFF products - NONE of this is available when you purchase store bought brands of wickless candles.

My consultant, Allison, was even sweet enough to pack me a few samples of different scented wax cubes. Here, I am using Very Merry Cranberry. This was another one of my favorite holiday scents to use this year for Christmas.

Did you know that Scentsy also made lotion?
I had my husband apply this to my back during a massage and the smell was strong and everlasting. The lavender really calmed me before bedtime. Being pregnant, it was so soothing and it helped me to relax.

Also, for my fellow military wives :) These also make a great gift for veterans!
Another thing that I think blows other candle companies out of the water - each catalog season (twice a year for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), Scentsy releases a charitable cause warmer.  A warmer is created specifically for a cause, and proceeds are donated to that organization.  Our current charitable cause warmer is "Service & Sacrifice".  Also, Scentsy has a "heroes" line, which they also donates proceeds to...the US Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Navy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scentsy for their charitable giving!!

With Scentsy, you get your money's worth.
 I vow to NEVER buy a regular candle ever again.

To start, all you need is one warmer. There are hundreds of different scents to choose from and m consultant will gladly help you choose what will be best for you this holiday season. I cannot wait to try the French Toast and Blueberry Cheesecake next!

Feel free to download the fall/winter catalog HERE to start browsing all of the products available. They have some AWESOME holiday scents available that will make your Christmas party or Christmas morning smell absolutely wonderful.

Above is Allison's card with her contact information. Please feel free to email or call her with any questions regarding Scentsy and on how to order. 
If you would like to purchase Scentsy online, visit:
Also, be sure to like Allison's Scentsy Consultant Facebook page:

Allison is currently looking to build up her team! If you would like to join Scentsy and own your own business, please do not hesitate to contact her :)

Disclaimer: I was given a Scentsy warmer & bar to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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