Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Drop 45lbs in 9 Months

A few years ago, I was in nursing school and ate whatever I could get my hands on. I studied several hours a day and worked a part time job while in school which virtually left me ZERO time to workout or cook a meal in the least. I remember my favorite meal was a chicken nugget kids meal from Chik Fil A with ice cream instead of the toy. Not only did I eat junk food, I simply did not eat enough.
Needless to say, my once petite 5 foot 3 inch body ballooned up to 150lbs. While this might not seem like a huge amount in pounds, this extra weight shows up exaggeratedly on a shorter, smaller frame.

After years of feeling sorry for myself while making no changes and dealing with fad diets that just did not work, I turned to a close friend of mine who taught me how to eat clean.

 I dropped 45lbs in 9 months from clean eating alone.
 I did it all without setting foot inside a gym.

It started with little changes and food swaps which lead to bigger changes and bigger swaps. The first few weeks were THE HARDEST and I slipped up here and there. But I tried hard and discovered the willpower inside of me. I saved motivational photos of fitness models whom I wanted to look like. I posted positive affirmations on my walls. I told myself I CAN DO THIS. It was not easy. My husband at the time lived a very unhealthy lifestyle and did not mind keeping the house stocked with chips, sodas, desserts, and just junk food. Each night, I would end up cooking him one dinner and then cooking myself something different and healthy. 
I am very happy to finally be married to someone who is healthy and who helps keep me that way. Even more important, someone who is like minded as I am.

I stopped eating out so much and started making my own foods. This helped tremendously. 
I did this for the first few months and when I felt that my willpower was great enough, I started eating out and choosing from the healthier menu. That way I could still eat at nice places, but not sacrifice my hard work.

Eating healthy is not easy. But you can do it! If you combine healthy eating with the gym, you can lose 45lbs in a much shorter time than just 9 months. My biggest tip? READ THE LABELS and INGREDIENTS. COUNT CALORIES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Abs ARE made in the kitchen, I do not care what anyone says.

I look forward to getting my body back after my baby is born! I have applied the same tips that I used in my pre-pregnancy life during this pregnancy journey.


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