Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Preparing For Natural Labor

With a mere less than 9 weeks to go until the birth of my son, my husband and I will be attending our 4th and final birthing class tonight in preparation for a natural birth and delivery.
 My hospital bag is halfway packed with just a few more things to go. 
Almost all of my cloth diapers have been ordered.
Nursery is finished.

The time is almost here.

I am hoping and praying to labor mostly at home since the hospital is only 5 minutes away. I plan to use my birthing ball and meditation to relax and push through the pain. I also plan on using breathing techniques and massage as well. My husband is such a great partner and has been so helpful during our birthing classes!

After going to pain management classes and learning about epidurals and IV pain meds, I simply decided that it was not for me-or my baby. Especially after I learned that they give a very powerful opiate, Fentanyl, through IV, which does cross the placenta to baby-horrifying to say the least. I want to be completely in tune with my body and assisting with the pushing which is why I am also saying no to an epidural. To each their own! I know that a woman's body was created to produce and give birth to a baby and I trust that it knows what it is doing. I love the go with the flow approach because I do realize that anything can happen and its all on BABY'S terms! Ha.

My plan for the last 2 months is to keep eating clean and to keep working out until I go into labor. There are plenty of good positions and exercises to do to help prepare your body for labor and delivery. I have not hit the nesting stage yet, but I am looking forward to it as my house desperately needs a good cleaning! I will be taking a breastfeeding class tomorrow and I am so excited! Everything is so new to me and sometimes I have my anxieties about becoming a new mom, but with such a great partner as I have, I can't be too worried. I also have my doctor's check up tomorrow as well to see how little man is doing. I will go over my birth plan with my doctor and confirm that Grey is in fact head down and in a good position. I would like to try to avoid him being breech which would result in a C-Section; something I DON'T want.

Stay tuned


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  1. Keep it up. I felt the same way, too bradley method courses adnd went natural. My birth story is on the blog. Warm bath/shower really got me to 6/7cm before I went to the hospital. Best wishes.


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