Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why I Do NOT Support Phil Robertson

I usually do not write posts like this. 
Especially posts going against the mainstream.
 I do not like debates or conflicts; however, this particularly subject has left me in awe.

I am sure by now that you have heard the uproar concerning Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty getting kicked off the show for his anti-gay comments. People are so angry-on both sides. If you want my opinion that this issue, I do not support nor am I against homosexuality. Personally, I do not like to place judge on other's lives because I am in no shape or form perfect or better than anyone else in this world. Yes, I am Christian, but I do not feel it is my place to condemn anyone or anything. So with that being said, I did not really care about this whole Duck Dynasty issue of Phil Robertson getting kicked off. He spoke his rights-great for him. But I WILL say that he could have chosen his words a little more carefully; especially being a celebrity where everyone knows what you had for breakfast and who you go to bed with at night.

Congrats to Phil Robertson for speaking his mind. Soldiers speak their minds on OUR behalves everyday when they grab their guns and go to war.

As a wife of a service member, this is MY issue:

On Thursday, 5 United States Army soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Did you know that?

The petition to boycott the popular A&E channel that kicked Phil Robertson off Duck Dynasty got over one million likes in a matter of hours.

People are still talking about the Duck Dynasty issue-blowing up social media newsfeeds, changing their profile pictures to Phil Robertson, and even posting their love and support.

But, what about these soldiers?

Phil Robertson is a man that most Americans have never met a day in their lives. But, we meet countless soldiers everyday-at the grocery store, while shopping at the mall-we might even have a few in our families. Why can't we love and support the soldiers who miss their Christmases, spend up to a year away from their husbands, wives and kids, and sleep in barracks or tents without any luxuries, but we show this man whom we never met so much love, support, and most of all-ATTENTION? You rather show your love and support for a reality tv show who's sitting on his millions while our soldiers are not getting paid nearly what you might think they deserve?

Soldiers get hurt and killed so often and people do not blink an eye as it goes unnoticed. Do you like waking up safe each and every morning, getting to choose what you want for breakfast, and what you want to wear that day?

Thank a soldier for that.

These 5 soldiers (and other millions, countless soldiers who have given their lives to US) were fathers, sons, brothers, cousins, friends-you name it. 

Where have our priorities gone? Why are celebrities more important than our soldiers?

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