Sunday, December 29, 2013

Getting Your Baby Into a Head Down Position!

As a mom to be, one of my biggest fears is a breech baby. I do not want a C-section whatsoever because I am aiming for a natural drug free labor & delivery. However, I know things happen and the baby will come on its OWN terms (haha). But I have been talking to several different midwives who prove that there are many different exercises and movements that you can do to ensure a head down baby. These are not guaranteed by any means, but by 36 weeks, your baby should be head down. And yes, your baby can turn at anytime though during the last month it is not likely due to little room, but hey it happens.

The best things you can do to ensure a head down baby are:
  • Leaning forward over a birthing ball
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Staying on all fours for 10-15 minutes
  • Exercise
  • Leaning forward during sitting
  • Sleeping on your left side
  • Knee chest position
  • Manual turning Spinning Babies
  • Sitting on the birthing ball.
  • Hip circles on the birthing ball.
  • Placing a cold ice pack on the head to make baby move away.
  • Shining a light.
  • Play music or apply heat at the hip bone.
Please remember that these are just home remedies. They may or may not work. Please consult your doctor regarding your concerns for a breech baby before trying these methods.

At 36 weeks, my baby is head down thanks to some of these tips.

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