Saturday, December 14, 2013

Smoothies, Bottles, & Breast Pumps-OH MY!

I spent the most of my morning hard at work preparing for my little man's arrival. I made about a dozen smoothie packs so that breakfast will be a breeze! I can also use these as a quick snack by just adding water, ice cubes, and throwing the pack into a blender. I've been great so far at making freezer meals, averaging around two dinners per week. The freezer is almost JAM PACKED now!

The smoothie packs I made today were quite simple! I used fresh bananas, frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries, and organic OJ! 

I also spent the rest of the morning sterilizing my Medela Electric Dual breastpump, my handheld manual Medela breastpump, and all hundred (or so it felt like) bottles. I boiled them in water, yes an old school process, but also a free one! 

I would say that today was a good day of accomplishments!


  1. I never thought to just boil them.. this makes me happy because there is one last thing I have to buy/store in my little kitchen.

  2. I just put mine in the dishwasher:)


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