Friday, December 6, 2013

Best Foods for Nursing Mothers

Yesterday, I had the chance of attending a 3 hour class on the topic of breastfeeding! I decided to take the class since I am a new mommy and have no idea on the basics of breastfeeding.. except for the fact that its good for baby! But I know that some mothers initially have issues with breastfeeding and I wanted to learn the techniques so I can be prepared.

First off, the benefits of breastfeeding vs formula are OUTSTANDING! Breastfeeding:
  • The metabolic energy you need to walk 7 miles is the same amount that's used while breastfeeding daily! This is probably why you burn up to 500 calories daily from breastfeeding alone :)
  • Breastfed babies are less likely to be hospitalized.
  • Allows you to bond with your baby on a more personal level. The hormone Oxytocin is released and it not only calms baby, but it calms you too!
  • Reduces risk of Ovarian cancer.
  • Saves you money! And lots of it!
  • I could go on...
There are way too many benefits to even continue listing, but I hope you got the point-IT'S THAT GOOD.

So one of the topics we covered yesterday were foods that were vital for nursing mothers. It IS true that certain foods boost your milk supply! Here are the best foods for nursing mothers:

There is also a special cookie-YES COOKIE-you can make that will actually help with milk production!
Here is the recipe:

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