Monday, December 9, 2013

Queen Bee Maternity Review

Happy Sunday, ladies! 

Today, I bring you a treat right out of Australia called Queen Bee.
Queen Bee is one of the most popular online maternity boutiques in Australia and is actually now global. It is also the most sought after online shopping destination on every pregnant lady's wishlist. Having appeared on ten different magazine covers, you will see why. But first, let's learn more about the lady behind the fashion.

  Sharon Chim, the founder of Queen Bee, started the company after the birth of her first son. She wanted to start the business as a means to stay home to spend more time looking after her children-something all mothers wish to do! Sharon had noticed the lack of garments available that allowed women to breastfeed their children; therefore, she decided to sell nursing wear. The business did so beautifully that she then added maternity wear! I am very inspired by Sharon and her drive for creating her own business from her own personal experiences and ideas. I hope to someday own a business so I can stay home with my son as well. 

The dress of choice for our review today is an iconic one. 
Worn by Kate Middleton for her first family photo after the birth of Prince George, this Seraphine Fuschia Knot Front Dress is a stunner!

I had the chance to review the same dress on myself. The dress came in a fancy little bag that I just loved! It gave this upscale boutique vibe; the feeling of knowing you are getting something special and worthy. Most companies these days just send you the item in a box or bag-unwrapped. and unloved.

At 32 weeks pregnant, I found this dress to be very flattering on me and my bump. 
The v-neck allows for breastfeeding; therefore, it is also a nursing dress. I can see why Kate Middleton chose this dress! It's so stunning that it transfers over into the 4th trimester and you look great wearing it-pregnant or not. The v-neck was not too low and hugged the bust with the right amount of support. The knot feature was directly below the bust-line which made for a gorgeous empire waist feel.

The sash is attached to the garment and ties around to the backside for a snug feeling that accentuates the bump further. I enjoyed the color of the fuchsia as it felt very feminine. I also was happy about the length of the dress as it stopped right above my knees for a modest and elegant touch.

I tested out the versatility of the dress by bringing my own sweater and scarf. 
The dress is timeless alone, but if you wanted to pair a jacket or accessories, you can certainly do so!  As you can see, this dress is very accessory friendly. 

Here is an up close view of the v-neck and knot front. As I mentioned, the v-neck is very generous for breastfeeding after you give birth. The fabric drapes the belly well.

The verdict: This dress was very fun to review! The fabric feels soft and smooth and it flowed as I walked. Perfect quality from a perfect company. 
 I felt like a princess in a way and even received a few compliments that day from women who were not even expecting! They were happy to know that you do not have to be expecting to wear this garment! 

To learn more about Queen Bee or to grab your very own piece of royalty, visit:

Disclaimer: I was given a Queen Bee garment to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.

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