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Cake Lingerie Review

Cake Lingerie - Love the body you're in.

Hi ladies!!!
Today, I bring you a review of the famous nursing & maternity lingerie line called Cake Lingerie.

Cake's founder, Tracey, created the business in 2008 when she was on a hunt for stylish and sexy maternal lingerie, but was left with finding nothing. This is where her vision began! She did not feel the need to compromise style and wanted to wear lingerie similar to what she was wearing pre-pregnancy-like the REST of us, right? Tracey soon went to fashion school and put her ideas into motion. How inspiring! A big thank you to empowering women like this!

This company provides pregnant ladies with the chance to feel and look sexy in their skin during all trimesters. Hey, pregnant ladies need lingerie, too! Most of the "lingerie" for pregnancy these days are typically unflattering and darn right DRAB! Other than looking fabulous, Cake provides support for the growing pregnant body and bust as well as lots of comfort. At 33 weeks pregnant, support & comfort are the MAIN things on my mind right now. 

But the fact that I get to look cute, too, is the icing on the Cake! (no pun intended!)

Cake Lingerie is a favorite of celebrities Heidi Klum, Kourtney Kardashian, Ali Larter, Isla Fisher, Penelope Cruz, Pink, Rachel Zoe, and more.

Cake Lingerie was so sweet to provide me with this helpful maternity bra book. Did you know that a typical good bra should only last you between 4-6 months on average? Looks like we have some ditching to do! Make way for new lingerie, ladies!

I had the chance to review the Orange Zest Sports Bra, a sports bra (yes, you heard me!) made specifically for the pregnant bust line. This is also a nursing bra and unclips at the top to allow comfort and easy access to feed your baby (freaking cool). I felt so comfortable in this bra and I love the middle part that covers up any cleavage. When you're pregnant, you notice you hang out everywhere-especially the cleavage part and side boob (oh, the dreaded side boob).

Another cool thing about the bra?
It clips to criss-cross in the back so it wont show in a racer-back style tank top.
 This sports bra also clips in the back like a REAL BRA. It reminds me a lot of the Lululemon Ta Ta Tamer with the adjustable clips around the back of the ribcage. This provides maximum support and you can easily adjusting with your growing (or shrinking) bust. The thick band is comfortable and it does not dig into my skin.

I also had the chance of reviewing it's matching pal. the Orange Zest Brief
Full coverage, full comfort, yet still cute. 
Yes, please!

 I am not sure how some pregnant ladies still wear a thong, but kudos to you! I prefer the comfort of this brief to any other type of panty. Plus, its moisture wicked so I can workout in both without feeling the least bit sweaty. I actually got to test the whole set at the local gym (with pants on of course) and its amazing how compacted I felt. Everything stayed in place! Hallelujah!

My husband thought the world of this set. Therefore, it definitely gets brownie points for being cute yet sexy.
My overall feeling about this lingerie set is that its ultra feminine yet it is perfect to accommodate a growing and changing body. The set is also fully functional at the gym-which matters most to me. I dont want to workout in something uncomfortable or that does not hold true to the description.

The verdict?
Cake Lingerie delivers! I can see why the most famous of famous celebrities choose Cake!

To learn more about Cake Lingerie, visit:

Disclaimer: I was given a Cake Lingerie maternity sports bra & brief to test, at no cost. All opinions are my own.


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