Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year's Hopes, Not Resolutions

 The action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter

Ever really think about this term and what it means?
 Each year, again and again, we make these promises to fix something in our lives and dub them "New Year's Resolutions".

But what if we are happy with how things are and just have some hopes or wishes? Nothing that exactly needs fixing, per say.

I have decided to rename and call them New Year's Hopes, instead.

The top resolutions that people in the US make are:
  • to lose weight/eat better/to workout
  • to make more money/save more money/get a better job
  • quit smoking/quit drinking/quit some bad habit
Any of these sound familiar?

Studies show most people do not hold true to their empty promises that they make every January.

So what are my hopes for 2014?
  • Give birth to a healthy baby boy.
  • Love my husband even more each and everyday.
  • Become a great parents.
  • Inspire other women.

While it is certainly great to have a specific hope, why not focus on yourself as a whole unit, and not just your weaknesses. Use your strengths to overcome and work your way through them. Don't look at yourself as a project that needs some fixing or changing. You are the way you are for a reason-you are you. Yes, you and your bad habits. Don't put unneeded pressure on yourself to accomplish what you say you will each year.

 Let it flow. It will happen.

If you want change, you must first have hope.

Love what you have. Love who you are. Be gracious. Take time. Love. Hope.

The rest will come, naturally.

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